Saturday, February 14, 2009

bad play, good play

here's some bad play this morning:

i was like "omg i'm 50 bucks down" and i guess i was on tilt. but that's only 5BI and 5BI downswing isn't uncommon for me. 5BI at 2nl is like a pint of beer+tips while 5BI at 10nl is..something more(5 pints..j/k). have to get used to the new swings. oh and i found a terrible leak: i protect blinds way too much, 3bet, reraise etc. 2/3 of my losses were unnecessary blind protection with junk hands(probably new form of tilt). in 2nl games these situations are very very incommon so maybe that was the reason.

anyway, in the evening i played my first-class TAG poker(only 2 tables this time).

probably this is the most boring graph in my blog but profit is profit.
on a sidenote, i have ~330 FPPs(i'm too calculate and to post my $$ and FPPs in every post) so if i keep on playing 10nl i'll get my 50$ bonus pretty soon

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