Wednesday, February 4, 2009

iddqd, idkfa

bankroll: $204.96 (+$20.52)
FPP: 109(+8)

maybe i'm in a godmode but i'm loving it. i know, only $20 but before i've started i decided to quit if i win or lose $20..gotta get used to new swings(just 2 buy-ins, but 10 buy-ins at 2nl). i love passiveness of 10nl games, compared to 2nl. i stole chips from a guy on my right 4 times in a row by 3-betting him and he didnt even think before folding. ubelievable. but i 10nl is not where people respect your raise according to 2p2. ok i have only 1.2k hands@10nl which is too small to make any conclusions.


  1. I play at 20NL up from 10NL woo hoo! But one thing I can tell you is becareful with that. Some do respect raises and fold some are just calling stations. I find these guys often bet their hand fairly or as fairly as they can common mistake is they overvalue their hands. But don't put yourself in a position where you are assuming they are over playing their hand and that is the only way you could win. Just be patient till you have a prem. hand knowing they are very likely to pay you off then.

    The biggest leak I find at this level is they CAN'T adjust at all. If you find a weekness like someone is very passive or worse weak passive. They can't adjust you can still pots all day long but if they bet into you they got a strong hand most of the time.

    Or a calling station that continuously calls your hands he never adjusts you can bet for value all night.

    These are two ways I have found to exploit these guys. Just play good tight poker and be patient you will find that they pay off good hands pretty well.

  2. i add notes on players who re-raise my stealing attempts with air so i hope it will help in the long run. i still feel i have to adjust for 10nl from 2nl. at 2nl recently i've been winning 15BB/100 hands playing 25/15, at 10nl i'm 31/25 which i feel is way too much but noone is punishing me so far(i'm winning 71BB/100 hands..yes, i'm hotter than the sun and sample size is small)'ll see :)