Friday, April 30, 2010

april results


+$2167. almost exclusively $50husngs. wasnt getting much action so.. [ ] sample size. also could have done much better - the amount of money i lost to fishbowls is ridiculous.

almost all hands are 50NLHE (crushed everyone) and 2 consecutive sessions of 50PLO (guess where..), all headsup

bottom line: +$2085
i'm only satisfied with my nlhe cash games this month, i could have done much better in other games.

but i shouldnt complain i guess -that's my biggest month so far


  1. Sick, Sick, Sick. no really I just looked at your graph and a little bit of sick came up in my mouth. Awesome graphage as usual

  2. Just found your blog by looking at someone's following. How come there's been no updates since April? Looked like you were ona sick run.

    Do you still play?